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        .``::: .:    `.
       /   :::*:`      \
      ;.    `:` `       ;
      |       `..       |
      ; `      ::::.    ;
       \       `::::   /
        `.      :::  .`

          Navisu Worldwide Services 3 March 2019 - 27 June 2020
          Brought to you with love from Indiana, United States
          Special thanks:
            - Aria   (for helping out in the beginning and being generally good to me throughout its entirety)
            - Rumoi  (for inspiring me to really learn and mess with things. I'm eternally grateful for your help & support and extremely sorry for all the shit that happened.)
            - Cmyui  (for inviting a challenge :), without Akatsuki I wouldn't have been really motivated to continue on.)
            - Pha    (for being a really awesome guy and a good friend. we should talk more)
            - GGM    (for being the best risk of rain 2 teammate & good friend/helpful longtime administrator)
            - Kaguya (for being the best meme admin/mod/bn/alumni/admin and a good longtime friend)
            - Mari   (for doing nothing but playing overwatch for being a longtime contributor of whatever project that pops inside my head)
            - Czapek (for the massive amounts of code help and the memes)
            - FF     (for the massive ammounts of support that without navisu would have never existed)
            - Jacob  (for being a really cool dude)
            - Cover  (for being probably the coolest kid i know, even though i am quite harsh on you, you have a lot of potential, don't waste it)
            - Cyuubi (for literally cofounding this thing even though thats the only positive thing you did here)
            - Komi   (for being a very cool friend and the massive ammounts of support)
            - Tyler  (for literally being my friend for years and being a really cool dude and extremely helpful.)

            There are far too many contributors and people that have touched me over the span of Navisu's run. I thank each and every one of you for all of your support.